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Start-over users at YouSee and Eutelsat CIRRUS will not have to see the end of previous programmes, thanks to EPG Correction

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Media Distillery, one of the pioneers of AI-enabled content analysis for the creation rich metadata, has announced two new customers for its EPG Correction technology. EPG Correction detects programme transitions/starts so that service providers offering network based start-over TV can ensure that viewers only see the show they want, and not the last minutes of the programme that preceded it.

For example, a programme may have been scheduled for a 20:00 start but actually begins at 20:03 and this real start time is noted by the Media Distillery technology. When a viewer uses the start-over functionality, clicking ‘start from beginning of programme’, their viewing session will commence with what was recorded from 20:03 rather than what was recorded from 20:00.

This means the viewer will not have to watch commercials that were played at the end of the previous programme. Nor will they need to fast-forward (if fast-forwarding is allowed) to find the start of the programme they do want to see.

YouSee, the Danish platform owner, is deploying this technology in phases across 130 television channels for replay TV that is available on set-top boxes and multiscreen devices. In this deployment, the true end times of programmes will also be acknowledged.

Henrik Harder, Senior Director at YouSee says a better user experience will boost customer engagement, but One of the main challenges the company’s replay platform is knowing the correct start and end times. The Media Distillery solution solves this challenge.

Telenet was the first customer for EPG Correction, using the technology with an on-premise implementation. YouSee became the second publicly announced customer and the first to introduce the end-time detection. The EPG Correction analysis and results are delivered via the Media Distillery cloud platform at YouSee.

Eutelsat CIRRUS, the hybrid satellite-OTT delivery solution launched in 2018, has also been revealed as an EPG Correction customer. This company is using the programme detection/analysis application via Media Distillery’s new cloud-based AI platform.

“Initially, Media Distillery’s AI solution enables us to offer accurate start times in our OTT platform on a large scale and in real-time, with a cloud platform that results in a short time to market,” explains Bruno Cattan, Director of New Applications at Eutelsat. “We are confident that this partnership will bring us many essential products to include on the Eutelsat CIRRUS platform, so our customers have the best possible viewing experience for catch-up and replay.”

Roland Sars, the CEO of Media Distillery, says the use of his company’s global cloud AI-based platform will allow Eutelsat to scale up its offer globally and do so quickly. “They will enjoye unrivalled innovation levels,” he claims.

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