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ThinkAnalytics says its new addressable advertising solution offers more detailed profiling at household and individual level

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Building on ThinkAnalytics’ leading position in content discovery and viewer analytics, the company is launching an addressable advertising solution at IBC. Called ThinkAdvertising, and aimed at Pay TV and OTT providers, the solution combines rich viewing and behavioural insights with demographic data to support household-level and individual-level profiling. The company claims it can provide far more granular detail on consumers. “For example, as well as knowing that someone is a keen baseball and football fan, the system learns which teams, players and competitions they watch, and when they watch,” the company says.

Already available, ThinkAdvertising will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at IBC on the ThinkAnalytics booth. The new product is available as a standalone solution, so you do not have to be an existing customer of content discovery or analytics solutions from ThinkAnalytics. It can be easily integrated with other analytics platforms and ad decision services, such as Castoola, the company says. Indeed, IBC visitors can see the results of the integration with Castoola in a joint demonstration. ThinkAdvertising is also available as part of the ThinkAnalytics suite, which includes the personalised Content Discovery platform and the real-time analytics platform, ThinkInsight.

“By combining data-driven learnings from ThinkAdvertising with their in-house customer and demographic data, TV operators can offer advertisers the ability to target precise consumer segments, creating incremental revenue streams,” ThinkAnalytics points out.

Peter Docherty, the company’s CTO, claims that ThinkAdvertising will make TV ad buying more effective and impactful by injecting a deeper level of consumer insight into the current addressable TV ad ecosystem. “It will let operators unearth individual-level profiles and attributes, opening up a gold mine of incremental revenue opportunities from not only existing brands but also a new generation of TV advertisers that want to reach specific audience segments without paying national TV ad rates.”

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