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Viaccess-Orca and Smart Adserver create end-to-end solution for targeted TV advertising

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Viaccess-Orca (VO), which provides backoffice solutions for OTT and TV plus content protection and analytics, has partnered with the programmatic ad monetisation platform Smart Adserver to deliver what it describes as an end-to-end, pre-integrated targeted TV advertising solution. The product suite enables targeted ad delivery for linear or on-demand content onto any device over IPTV or OTT. The solution is being demonstrated at DMEXCO and again at IBC.

Viaccess-Orca’s AI-enriched research and TV data management capabilities provide rich behavioural insights that can be harnessed to create granular audience segments that are then activated upon via the Smart Adserver advertising platform. The combined offer also supports the distribution of targeted ads on any screen through VO’s secure player, which offers ad replacement and insertion capabilities.

This solution supports cross-platform advertising. It also provides real-time ad analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of ads and make advertising content as relevant as possible to the audience.

“This alliance allows service providers to access a single, pre-integrated solution for managing ad campaigns, activating audience data, and distributing targeted ads on any device, including on the fast-growing Android TV-enabled market segment,” says Romain Job, Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Adserver.

Alain Nochimowski, Executive Vice President of Innovation at Viaccess-Orca, says: “Targeted TV advertising is a huge revenue opportunity for operators and broadcasters that can help turn viewers’ experiences into personal ones, thereby driving higher engagement. This partnership results in an easy, fast, and secure way to enter the targeted TV advertising market and generate a new line of revenue. It is exactly the kind of targeted TV advertising solution the industry needs to succeed.”

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