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IBC 2019: YouSee taps Media Distillery for AI-enhanced TV viewing

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Danish operator YouSee has partnered with Media Distillery in a bid to improve TV viewing and offer an on-demand experience similar to that of subscription online video services.

Amsterdam-headquartered Media Distillery provides an AI-based solution that automatically labels audio-visual media to identify the true start and end times of TV programmes so that viewers can start watching back immediately.

The company’s EPG Correction service uses real-time ‘Deep Content Understanding’ analysis to provide automatic scheduling adjustments to TV programmes as they’re broadcast, offering a “smarter programme guide” for YouSee customers.

YouSee plans to roll the technology out in phases across 130 TV channels, making it available in up to 1.2 million Danish households.

“One of the main challenges on our replay platform is the correct start and end times”, said Henrik Harder, Senior Director at YouSee.

“Thanks to the Media Distillery solution, YouSee is now confident that replay usage will boost when times are correct. Offering a better user experience across all of the channels is key to increase our customers’ engagement.”

Media Distillery CEO, Roland Sars, said: “Enabling television providers and service providers to offer enhanced services and superior user experience is vital to increasing customer loyalty and minimising subscriber churn.”

Media Distillery’s Deep Content Understanding solution generates next-generation metadata and the company has been providing its artificial intelligence technology to global brands, TV and media companies since 2014.

YouSee, which rebranded from TDC in 2016, claims to offer entertainment to more than half of the households in Denmark and is the country’s largest provider of high-speed broadband.



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