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IBC 2019: Switzerland’s Quickline taps AirTies for managed WiFi

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Swiss service provider Quickline has partnered with AirTies, which will provide it with a suite of Smart WiFi solutions for its residential customers.

Quickline will use AirTies’ Remote Manager cloud-based optimisation tool, which is designed to provide real-time information about subscribers’ WiFi performance.

This enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting and provides service providers with insights and analysis on connected devices and data consumption patterns.

AirTies’ Mesh Extenders, powered by its Smart WiFi Software, will also be available to Quickline subscribers throughout Switzerland.

The Smart WiFi Software directs consumers’ devices – including laptops, smartphones, games consoles and smart home devices – to the best available WiFi channel and band based on network conditions.

Meanwhile, AirTies’ hybrid cloud-local architecture uses embedded intelligence and cloud-based analytics to improve responsiveness, scalability, and performance – useful for high-bandwidth, low-latency services like UHD video and videogame streaming.

“With AirTies, we can deliver whole-home WiFi in a scalable and cost-effective way that maximises performance,” said Quickline Product Manager, Ulrich Schwob.

AirTies CEO, Philippe Alcaras, said: “By combining network intelligence from the home network and the cloud, innovative providers such as Quickline can benefit from improved coverage, performance, and the insights needed to differentiate their service and delight their customers.”

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