Home Newswire SmarDTV and NAGRA partner on watermarking solution for CI Plus Modules

SmarDTV and NAGRA partner on watermarking solution for CI Plus Modules

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Pay TV technology company SmarDTV Global has collaborated with content security firm NAGRA on a watermarking solution that is now available on Conditional Access Modules (CAM).

The joint solution is based on a two-step watermarking process that is designed to provide several advantages, like a low-bandwidth overhead for watermarked content, no additional latency on signalisation and a balance of processing performed by the encoder and the module.

The video pre-processing step is achieved by integrating NAGRA’s NexGuard PayTV-C watermarking technology into the encoder, while the post-processing step is enabled with a PayTV-C client running into the SmarDTV Module.

“With more than 10 million CI Plus Modules deployed over the last decade, it is a natural step forward to enrich our products with a state-of-the-art watermarking technology,” said Hervé Mathieu, SmarDTV Global COO.

NAGRA Anti-Piracy’s Vice-President, Jean-Philippe Plantevin, said: “Tracing illicit content activity is a necessary and critical first step in fighting today’s greatest piracy challenges, such as the illegal re-distribution of live sports. NAGRA is pleased to collaborate with SmarDTV Global to provide a solution working on legacy CI Plus TV and Consumer CI Plus modules.”

SmarDTV Global designs and manufactures a large range of set-top box solutions and CI / CI Plus plug-in modules that enable access to premium digital Pay TV, delivered via broadcast or the web.

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