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V-Nova announces MPEG-5 Part 2-compatible P+

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Video compression specialist, V-Nova, has announced the third generation of its video distribution technologies, optimised for the forthcoming MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC) standard.

P+ (previously Perseus Plus) adds compression efficiency gains and a range of new features including mobile encoding, AI-powered optimisations and a new cross-device SDK integration framework.

It also incorporates encoding and decoding for the MPEG-5 Part 2 low-complexity enhancement video coding (LCEVC) standard, development of which is expected to be completed next year.

“P+ represents the culmination of years of research and advancement” said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder at V-Nova. “We have implemented a broad range of new features and optimisations.

“Most importantly, it includes the world’s first implementation of MPEG’s most exciting new standard, MPEG-5 Part 2 (LCEVC), a brand-new approach in video compression, demonstrating its benefits and ease of adoption.

P+ is available as a containerised transcoding microservice, as an SDK for x86 (Linux, Windows), ARM (Android, iOS), FPGA and HTML5 scripted decoding, pre-integrated into a number of open-source options (including FFmpeg) and also directly from the V-Nova Platform in AWS.

LCEVC is designed to be codec agnostic and promises higher compression efficiency while reducing encoding costs. V-Nova said the standard is “set it to transform the codec landscape” and that operators and broadcasters will be able to deploy it immediately due to its software-based approach.

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