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VisualOn unveils MultiStream Sync, supporting multiple video feeds on the same screen

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Video streaming services company, VisualOn, was demonstrating its new MultiStream Sync feature for its VisualOn Media Platform at IBC last month.

The offering is designed to help video service providers overcome the challenges of delivering features like multiple camera angles for live sporting or music events, synchronised on a single screen at low latency.

US-based VisualOn showed various use-cases for multi-stream playback, including on the Android TV platform. The functionality is underpinned by the company’s stream synchronisation playback timing technology.

MultiStream Sync, which is patent-pending, matches the internal clocks on set-top boxes and mobile devices with video streams to display multiple HD feeds on one screen.

The VisualOn’s broader Media Platform offers low latency video through buffering techniques and proprietary bitrate adaptation algorithms. The company says it can reduce latency to 3.5 seconds with digital rights management (DRM) protection included.

“As operators strive to make OTT video as good as – and even better than – legacy Pay TV providers, they are looking for innovative features that can unlock an enhanced viewing experience,” said Michael Jones, SVP and Head of Business Development at VisualOn.

“Features like MultiStream Sync may seem simple to the viewer, but they require extensive engineering talent to perfect despite imperfect conditions; this is the cornerstone of VisualOn’s expertise.”

VisualOn demonstrated MultiStream Sync with the help of various partners: Harmonic for its low latency encoding solutions; Synaptics for its VideoSmart solutions system-on-a-chip (SoC); and Wildmoka for powering the automated live sports replay on an Android TV set-top box.

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