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Advanced metrics that show if consumers enjoy your service

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Some advanced performance metrics can be applied by media owners to figure out whether consumers are enjoying the user experience on their service, and what content is keeping them there.

EPAM, a specialist in digital platform engineering that offers digital and product design agency services and consulting, points to ‘share of viewing time’ as an important measure, demonstrating, for example, if an SVOD viewer only watches a single series. “It can be inferred that this series is important enough to justify the entire subscription cost, and therefore should be considered more valuable to the service,” the company points out.

‘Time-to-player’ is a measure that offers valuable insight into the effectiveness of algorithms or the messaging around content, EPAM argues in its white paper, ‘Five Keys to Delivering a Personalized Viewing Experience’. This metric acknowledges the time it is taking viewers to decide upon something to watch – with EPAM noting that the cognitive load for a single user can be quickly strained as more choices are presented – with the problem multiplied if additional viewers are involved in the viewing decisions.

Measuring the success rate of auto-play recommendations, which direct viewers to another content asset after they finish viewing a first, is another example of best-practice, the white paper authors reckon. If you achieve high success rates from the auto-play recommendations it will help keep viewers.

“This becomes especially interesting when the person choosing the content is different from the person viewing it, such as a mother entertaining her kids while preparing dinner,” the white paper states.

To learn more about the white paper, and download it, please follow this link.

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