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Irdeto adds client watermarking to enable faster detection, and turns attention to IoT security

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Irdeto recently added client watermarking capabilities to its TraceMark solution (TraceMark provides forensic watermarking for live and VOD content on both broadcast and OTT networks). Server-based watermarking provides optimal device reach and security robustness, according to Frank Poppelsdorf, Irdeto Vice President, Product Management, but client watermarking is optimised for live content protection. “It enables faster watermark detection, as the entire identity of the source is embedded in each frame, and it introduces no latency,” he says.

The timing for this solution appears right. “As more OTT service providers begin to stream live content such as premium sports, the demand for faster detection and shutdown of pirate streams has increased notably,” Poppelsdorf says.

Irdeto has also introduced an app-based security product, Trusted Home, developed in collaboration with Minim, a provider of AI-driven Wi-Fi management and IoT security platforms. The app’s lightweight software agent can be distributed to a subscriber’s home gateway with a remote firmware update. It hardens the system and router OS and provides visibility and intelligence across a home network, including potentially vulnerable IoT devices.

Trusted Home protects the router in a number of ways, according to Jim Phillipoff, Irdeto Head of Business Development, Media & Entertainment. It monitors a router’s firewall for suspicious changes, such as holes exposed by UPNP, and tracks any router configuration changes. It records these activities in a timeline while securing all communications between the Trusted Home cloud and router using TLS.

The Trusted Home solution also includes a proprietary fingerprinting technology that enables anomaly detection of devices beyond the router. “The AI-driven Trusted Home cloud analyses network telemetry data collected from the residential gateway to build a complete picture of a connected device’s identity, normal behavior, and any suspicious activity,” says Phillipoff.

Those threats, which could include trojans, spyware, ransomware, botnets, network intrusions, worms, and known exploits, are far from academic. The infamous Mirai botnet in October 2016, which attacked the Domain Name System (DNS) and took down many popular platforms, originated with attacks on thousands of exposed and non-updated residential webcams.

“In addition to tracking firmware for IoT devices,” says Phillipoff, “Trusted Home protects devices from a Mirai-like attack by alerting and blocking when a device suddenly communicates with an IP address or DNS that’s out of its normal behavioural pattern.”

In related news, Irdeto has partnered with Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) to develop Wi-Fi management and parental control functionality, powered by the Trusted Home solution.

Meanwhile, two deployments of Irdeto’s Cloaked CA have been recorded in Southern Asia. Irdeto’s deal with Bharti Airtel has India’s largest telecom service provider using Irdeto Cloaked CA to secure more than 500 satellite TV channels and OTT content on its new 4k Android 9.0-based hybrid box. And in Bangladesh, Beximco Communications Limited (BexCom) has selected Cloaked CA to secure content delivery through AKASH, its satellite service. AKASH is offering 110+ channels of HD and SD content.

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