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Videonet webcast: Targeted UI advertising as a fast revenue win

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Videonet is hosting a live webcast on December 4 to investigate the opportunity for Pay TV operators to offer targeted advertising within their UI as a managed set-top box application that has no impact on the operations department. Given the complexity involved in adding other revenue-generating services today, including addressable TV advertising within video streams, it can be reasonably argued that targeted advertising within the UI represents ‘low-hanging fruit’ for operators.

Consumers spend considerable time finding content and navigating between it, and operators have trustworthy subscriber and viewing data to help advertisers segment audiences. Importantly, the new advertising inventory is fully controlled by the Pay TV operator – they do not need content rights owner permissions to show targeted ads (because the advertising remains outside of content streams).

Among other things, this webcast investigates:

  • How you implement UI targeted advertising on an Android TV-based set-top box
  • Where set-top box integrated UI advertising can be used, like in the programme guide or next to recommendation displays.
  • The advertising-as-a-service model for operators without a sales house
  • The subscriber data used to support audience segmentation
  • The potential for targeted content promotions and Pay TV operator offers
  • How operators can benefit from programmatic sales while controlling who advertises on their platform
  • Why even a small subscriber population, like 100,000 homes, is valuable to advertisers.

Technicolor, a global leader in connected home devices and Hoppr, which helps network service providers establish deeper relationships with consumers and monetise them, have partnered to enable this new revenue opportunity. Hoppr is part of the global Technicolor Hero Program, which enables service providers to harness innovative services for their subscribers and bring them to market quickly.

The webcast speakers are: George Gelavis, Chief Executive Officer at Hoppr; Emilia Ong, Chief Revenue Officer at Hoppr; Georges Laplanche, Senior VP, Head of Eurasia Sales for Global CPE, Connected Home Division at Technicolor; and Mounir Toutah, Solutions Business Development Director, Connected Home Division at Technicolor.

You can sign up to the free webcast here.

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