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Cable Bahamas upgrades UI for every STB using cloud virtualization, with no new boxes needed

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Cloud virtualization of the user interface has enabled Cable Bahamas to deploy a next-generation experience to its entire set-top box footprint, including all legacy devices, regardless of model, memory or CPU. The result is a generational upgrade for consumers without the need to ship new hardware to every home.

Cable Bahamas has partnered with ActiveVideo, whose CloudTV platform allows the service provider to extend its Minerva TV experience, which is already part of the company’s mobile video service, to its entire footprint of STBs. The solution leverages Zodiac Systems’ software, including the Zodiac Stack set-top box software and Zodiac Matrix cloud integration platform. This is all integrated with Minerva’s service management platform and client presentation engine.

The same platform will now support the next-gen television service and mobile video offering, enabling a consistent UX whether viewers are at home or on the go. The end-to-end solution is branded REVGOPlay by Cable Bahamas. Subscribers benefit from improved navigation and discovery across live and on demand content on the television set. Cable Bahamas can promote premium content more effectively, as well, enhancing revenue opportunities.

“Cable Bahamas is the latest service provider to realise the benefits of virtualization to deliver an improved user experience without compromise,” according to Jeff Miller, CEO of ActiveVideo. “No longer does the device represent a roadblock to an enhanced guide and premium services. Our software platform smartly integrates into a turnkey solution with leading partners such as Zodiac Systems and Minerva, providing operators like Cable Bahamas with unprecedented service velocity, agility and the ability to offer ubiquitous service across their entire footprint of devices.”

John Gomez, COO of Cable Bahamas, says: “Cable Bahamas customers demand and deserve an excellent user experience and access to premium content on whatever device they choose. Our collaboration with ActiveVideo allows us to deliver world-class services across the Bahamas by maximising our existing CapEx and rapidly migrating our entire subscriber base to an advanced UI without needing to ship a new device to each and every home. The flexibility of our virtualized platform will support agile and cost-effective growth as we introduce new services and devices.”

Todd Clayton, Chief Revenue Officer of Minerva Networks, comments: “Cable Bahamas will be able to rollout updates more quickly and at lower cost than if they had to deploy new devices. Subscribers will enjoy a more compelling experience, leading to higher engagement and lower churn.”

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