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Addressable TV advertising for every platform operator

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This webcast explores a novel approach to addressable TV advertising that will help platform operators and their content partners exploit this rapidly growing market opportunity, and quickly. You will hear how the operator user interface (UI) and content discovery journey can be harnessed to serve relevant video advertising, including when someone is about to enter a PVR or catch-up menu, or even before they are served content.

The targeted advertising technology, which is fully under the control of platform operators and provided to them as a managed service via a set-top box application, will be explained. The discussion explores where, and in what circumstances, platform operators can serve addressable ads that, to the user, appear as a pre-roll once they have made a content selection.

This new technology provides an easy win for operators who want to serve addressable advertising ahead of, or even during, content they own. The discussion considers whether this is a viable approach to addressable advertising with third-party content, as well.

Established addressable advertising technology requires significant ad-tech investment from a platform operator, plus in-house ad-tech operations and management expertise, and sales. The one-hour discussion explores how the ‘as a service’, managed STB application model removes the operations and sales burden entirely from operators – and whether this is a potential game-changer, especially for small and medium sized Pay TV operators.

The one-hour discussion also considers:

  • How, within days, operators can introduce and test addressable advertising to understand the revenue opportunities available to them.
  • The inherent strengths – like high-quality subscriber and viewing data – that will enable a platform operator of any size to give advertisers what they are looking for.

The webcast is free and available on-demand now. Click here to register and listen.

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