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TV is an activation medium, which makes it a uniquely full-funnel offering

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The Future of TV Advertising Global (the new name for the London edition of Future TV Advertising Forum, held earlier this month) is one of the best places to feel the pulse of the global TV advertising industry. It gives you a sense of the challenges ahead and the solutions available. Here are our key takeaways from the 2019 event.

Takeaway No.5: TV is an activation medium, which makes it a uniquely full-funnel offering

We are going to hear a lot about ‘full-funnel’ media in the next 24 months, and it is the TV industry that will be shouting loudest. There are a few reasons for this.

  • There is going to be a rebalancing of budget spend towards more brand building by brands who have neglected this task.
  • Television has successfully argued that it is the undisputed champion of long-term, brand-built, value-add.
  • Television already helps to drive activation, but the digital advertising giants have been taking the credit for much of it.
  • Television is getting better at the direct attribution of outcomes to advertising exposure that allows it to prove its role in activation.
  • The attribution data is becoming available faster, in time to help optimise live campaigns.
  • The technology that enables that improved attribution is going mainstream fast – and is one of the fastest growing sub-segments in the ad-tech market.
  • The tech vendors who are making short-term attribution easier have a realistic, TV-friendly approach to life, where they are a service/tech provider to the sell-side – they are not trying to install themselves as an intermediary, which means they can fit straight into the existing ecosystem.

The road to full-funnel television advertising includes closer integration between broadcast and digital. It is already possible to determine who has been exposed to a TV campaign and then double-down on those consumers/households with digital ads, which presents the opportunity for a more activation focused creative later. Addressable advertising is viewed as a mechanism for helping viewers along the purchase journey – if someone has seen the general brand campaign enough, maybe it is time to ad local dealer details to their targeted ads.

Various commentators have made the point that with a phone never far away, even brand ads are a doorway to instant activation, like searching for a product or visiting a website. All the more reason to provide some instant feedback on website activitivity once TV ads have aired.

We will cover what people said in the ‘TV as an activation medium’ session during Future TV Advertising Global in January.


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