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Samba TV’s ACR-enabled viewership data is now in the AWS cloud for easier analysis and integration

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Samba TV provides representative viewership data from over 20 million homes in the U.S. that have opted-in to share their viewing activity – data that can be used by brands and agencies as the basis for audience and advertising campaign analytics – like when they want to reach light viewers of traditional TV, including heavy streamers. The company uses automatic content recognition (ACR) as the basis for the viewing insights – measuring what is showing on the television ‘glass’ regardless of its source.

Samba TV works with well over 20 television makers in the USA and around 15 in Europe. In the UK, its viewing data is sourced from 1.5 million homes, from which it has created a subset of 250,000 homes that are representative of the population as a whole, and which are used as a large ‘census-based’ (passive) panel.

This kind of data is valuable to the marketing industry, especially as the television set can be linked to other digital devices in the home, so that what people watch on TV can be correlated to some of what they do in the digital/mobile sphere (subject to privacy regulations).

Now, in the USA, a collaboration between Samba TV and AWS (Amazon Web Services) means the ACR-enabled television viewing data can be made available within the newly launched AWS Data Exchange, a new service that makes it easy for millions of AWS customers to securely find, subscribe to and use third-party data in the cloud.

AWS customers can access Samba’s linear and OTT viewership insights and ad exposure data, aggregated at a DMA level (a designated market area is a regional media market in the U.S. – there are well over 200 of them). “By making this dataset available in the cloud, Samba and AWS are reducing the friction of data discovery and accessibility,” the two companies said recently. “AWS customers can now easily integrate the aggregated TV data directly into applications, analysis and machine-learning models built on AWS.”

“TV viewership behaviour is changing rapidly, and businesses across all verticals need to better grasp how this is affecting their target markets,” says Chris Casey, General Manager, BD, AWS Data Exchange at Amazon Web Services. “By making Samba TV’s high-quality aggregated TV viewership dataset available in AWS Data Exchange, we are making it easy to incorporate the insights into apps or technology built on AWS. Our mutual customers can now more easily leverage Samba’s dataset to make more informed and actionable marketing decisions.”

Aden Zaman, SVP at Samba TV, adds: “We are proud to be one of the first TV datasets available in AWS Data Exchange, with the goal of giving businesses of all kinds greater access to the data they need to understand a changing TV market. Customers can build advanced analytics, services and tools using our aggregated data within AWS. This will bring our dataset to new verticals, creating new opportunities to see our insights in action.”

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