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A1 Xplore TV goes live in Austria as A1 Telekom Austria Group uses unified backoffice for multiple markets

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A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital and communications services in central and eastern Europe, is building a unified content and streaming platform covering multiple markets, platforms and screens, called A1 Xplore TV. Having deployed TV services on the new platform in Bulgaria last November, A1 went live in Austria this week. The platform covers IPTV and DVB-C networks and delivers and manages services for set-top boxes, mobile, web and Google Chromecast.

A1 Xplore TV is underpinned by Zappware’s advanced TV solution, which encompasses the user-centric Nexx 4.0 UX and network-agnostic back-office. “Together with Zappware, a long-time partner, A1 Group is constantly adopting, in an agile development set-up, the user interface and customer experience for the whole platform on different devices according to the requirements of the local markets,” a statement says.

A1 Group has over 24 million customers across seven countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus and Slovenia (A1), the Republic of Serbia (Vip mobile) and North Macedonia (A1). A1 Xplore TV includes personalised TV services and onboarded apps that include Amazon Prime Video and YouTube. The platform is designed to be open so third-party apps/services can be integrated into the user interface.

Alexander Kuchar, Director Technology and Future Services at A1 Telekom Austria Group, says: “This launch is part of our ‘One Company – One Brand’ approach and Zappware’s Nexx 4.0 TV platform allowed us to execute this single-brand strategy.”

Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware, adds: “The solution integrates all content seamlessly in one experience for the viewers. The integration of linear TV and VOD with third-party content such as YouTube or Amazon Prime Video is what end-users expect today. To create even bigger fans, personalised recommendations are always suggested so viewers can explore content they will like.

“We are delighted that A1 Group has chosen us to be their key partner for delivering Xplore TV via a single solution to several markets, spanning all possible network technologies.”

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