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New Videonet report considers next steps for service providers, beyond broadband

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Even ultra-fast broadband will become commoditised, so communications service providers (CSPs) need to think about how they differentiate themselves and where they make money in future. Videonet has just published a new report that argues they need to look towards connectivity+ services like premium managed Wi-Fi and family management, and place themselves at the centre of the smart home, whether offering customer care bots or security cameras.

The report explores the opportunities ahead in the ‘beyond broadband’ marketplace, and the operator transformation needed to capitalise on them, including a focus on cybersecurity, a data-driven culture, and agile device and service development. The report concludes that fixed-line providers are well-placed for the journey through the smart customer home all the way to the smart city, and it explains why.

The report covers:

  • The competitive landscape
  • Service provider strengths
  • Connectivity+: The path to transformation
  • Preparing for the smart home
  • Extracting value
  • Business models and partnerships
  • Connectivity+ revenue models
  • Increase in customer longevity
  • Increase in monthly ARPU
  • Connectivity+ at Vodafone
  • Connectivity+ at Swisscom
  • The skills and technologies for connectivity+
  • Into the smart home
  • First, make it safe (data and applications security, and privacy)
  • Smart home revenue models
  • Market forecasts and barriers to entry
  • Succeeding in the smart home marketplace
  • Smart home at Orange
  • Smart home at Telefónica
  • Smart home at Deutsche Telekom
  • Smart home at Swisscom
  • Technical support as a differentiator
  • Technology building blocks
  • Emerging CPE requirements
  • Creating an innovation hub
  • Intelligent use of big data
  • Open standards
  • Towards the smart city

You can download ‘Broadband and Beyond’ (free) here.

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