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One-in-ten TV subscribers now has access to UHD, as Ultra HD Forum releases v2.3 guidelines

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Ultra HD Forum, the non-profit UHD advocate, has shared what it calls encouraging findings from its all-new UHD Service Tracker. The organisation is now tracking 150 commercial consumer-facing Ultra HD television services worldwide, with evidence that 300 million global subscribers have access to UHD services. That total comes from a data collection covering 3 billion subscriptions – meaning one-in-ten subscribers.

The Forum’s latest data shows that three-quarters of the world’s UHD services are predominantly linear, serving over 125 million viewers. The other quarter are VOD-based UHD services and these serve 180 million viewers. According to the Forum, half of all the UHD services now offer HDR, while almost a quarter include some form of Next Generation Audio.

The UHD Service Tracker was launched this week and you can find it here: https://ultrahdforum.org/uhd-service-tracker/.

“Ultra HD Forum members are given access to a large volume of additional data,” the organisation points out.

Meanwhile, the advocacy group has released Version 2.3 of its Guidelines. Since its inception in 2015, the Ultra HD Forum has published free Guidelines for the UHD community. These Guidelines use the concept of a ‘foundation layer’ of readily available mature technologies, and an ‘enhancement layer’ including newer, more leading-edge technologies. Throughout five years of Guidelines development, more than 35 member companies have contributed to the effort.

Many updates and new details on UHD, such as elements of the SMPTE ST2110 and ATSC 3.0 standards, and the South American roadmap to UHD are included. “Future versions of the Guidelines will continue to add features and address pressing issues that still require further documentation, such as the OTT distribution of HDR with live services,” the organisation adds.

You can download the Guidelines at: https://ultrahdforum.org/guidelines/

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