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IBC cancelled – website says the event is going virtual

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IBC 2020 – which was the last hope for a mass-scale, full ecosystem television industry exhibition this year – has been cancelled due to coronavirus. The annual event was scheduled for September 11-14 in Amsterdam but Michael Crimp, CEO at IBC, said it has become clear that a return to (a new) normal is unlikely to be achieved by September and the organisation “cannot guarantee we will be able to deliver a safe and valuable event to the quality expected of IBC.

“It is also evident that important aspects of a large-scale event such as IBC will be greatly altered by social distancing, travel restrictions, masks etc., so much so that the spirit of IBC will be compromised,” Crimp added. The IBC ‘community’ wanted an early decision, and surveys conducted by IBC and the IABM helped drive the decision, a statement says.

Alternative plans will be announced soon but the IBC website states on the home page that “IBC2020 is going virtual”.

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