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DISH Media opens up set-top box VOD for real-time programmatic buying

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DISH Media, the sales house for the DISH satellite Pay TV and Sling TV virtual Pay TV services, has made set-top box VOD advertising inventory available for purchase programmatically, in real-time. Advertisers can bid on this premium linear inventory through private, real-time auctions set up with demand-side platforms such as The Trade Desk and deliver ads and receive impressions immediately.

“Enabling our set-top box VOD inventory drives programmatic video ads into traditional linear households, a previously untapped audience for digital buyers,” comments Kevin Arrix, Senior Vice President at DISH Media. The company believes the move will attract digital ad budgets that were not traditionally spent on TV.

This also means that DISH Media can sell ads programmatically across both DISH and Sling TV platforms for the first time. 10,000 individual brands purchased ad space programmatically on Sling TV in 2019 (up from 7,500 the previous year).

“Advertisers innately want to create bridges across the entire television ecosystem so they can reach their desired audience in every environment,” says Tim Sims, Senior Vice President of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “DISH Media’s VOD capability gives advertisers a new set of inventory to buy in real-time and a way to scale their audience. This is a major milestone that showcases the massive opportunity happening right now in connected TV.”

Arrix adds: “We are agnostic toward whether brands use our managed services or programmatic advertising, and strive to ensure both solutions are equal in value. With programmatic execution growing across all mediums, we created this VOD offering to easily integrate into the existing environment, while introducing a new set of impressions to the market.”

Advertisers can access VOD inventory across 60 TV networks via the broadband-connected STBs. Buyers benefit from optimised targeting criteria and dynamic ad insertion.

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