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Top ten U.S. service providers lose 2.3 million subscribers in Q1

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The research firm informitv, whose Multiscreen Index tracks Pay TV subscriptions, says the top ten service providers in the United States collectively lost 2.33 million television subscribers in the first quarter of 2020. Two years ago, the top ten accounted for just over 84 million subscribers and that figure is now below 75 million.

According to the informitv Multiscreen Index:

  • AT&T lost the most subscribers, losing 897,000 Premium TV subscribers and a further 135,000 AT&T TV NOW subscribers, for a combined loss of over a million.
  • DISH Network ended the first quarter with 382,000 fewer satellite television subscribers and 281,000 fewer for its Sling TV online television service.
  • Comcast lost 388,000 television subscribers. Comcast suffered its twelfth consecutive quarterly subscriber loss, with its total falling below 20 million for the first time in almost two decades.
  • Verizon television subscribers declined by 84,000, marking 13 consecutive quarterly falls, taking it down to 4.07 million, from a high of 5.86 million four years previously.
  • Charter Spectrum lost 70,000 television subscribers, marking its ninth consecutive quarterly loss, down by over 400,000 in twelve months to 15.55 million.
  • Altice, Mediacom and Frontier lost 97,700 television subscribers between them in the quarter, and a total of 372,600 over twelve months.

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