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Viaplay will launch in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania next year – targeting an under-penetrated pay streaming market

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Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT) will launch its Viaplay streaming service in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the first quarter of 2021. The service will be made available via direct subscriptions and third-party partnerships. The expansion builds on Viaplay’s success in the Nordic region and recent launch in Iceland. Viaplay will offer Baltic viewers a combination of Viaplay originals, films and series, kids’ content and live sports. New local originals for the Baltic markets will be developed by NENT Studios and with third-party production companies.

The Viaplay streaming service has over 2.5 million paying subscribers and is a Nordic leader. “Less than 20% of the 2.8 million households in the three countries [Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania] currently pay for a subscription video streaming service, compared with over 50% in the Nordic region, and most households already have high-speed fixed and mobile broadband connections that are being upgraded further. This, combined with NENT Group’s proven ability to scale in a fast and cost-efficient way, makes each of the three markets ideal for the launch of Viaplay,” NENT Group explains.

Anders Jensen, NENT Group President and CEO, adds: “Expanding Viaplay to the Baltic countries is a natural next step. These markets are close to home, relatively under-penetrated, growing fast, and we will have a truly unique content offering that addresses all three markets together…We have already secured key content rights for the markets at very competitive prices, and look forward to bringing our great value-for-money storytelling experiences to viewers.”

Jensen emphasised the agile operating model deployed at Viaplay, enabling efficient scaling of services. NENT Group has over 300 in-house developers.

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