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Disney+ becomes third most popular SVOD service in UK

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Figures from Omdia (the analyst firm that pulls together Screen Digest, Informa Telecoms & Media, Ovum and Heavy Reading, among others, under one brand) confirm that Disney+ has been one of the biggest winners from the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, having become the third most popular SVOD service with 4.3 million subscribers. By the end of April, a month after launching, this service had gained 16.8% share of subscribers, based on figures from the Omdia Consumer Research – Devices, Media & Usage Intelligence Service – Premium report. Only Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are bigger SVOD services in the UK, now.

Maria Rua Aguete, Executive Director at Omdia, revealed some of the figures from the new survey at Videosape Europe this week where she also picked out some consumption trend highlights from the lockdown, like Italian homes spending 5 hours and 56 minutes (average) in front of the television in April – up by two hours compared to the previous year. Aguette said linear TV has held up strongly even in the later weeks of the lockdowns, and that free-to-air has done well, harnessing back catalogues to make up for the loss of new content. There has been some cord cutting in the USA and some cord-shaving elsewhere.

Omdia figures for April 2020, as presented at Videoscape Europe, show that the average number of SVOD services taken in a home are just under three in the U.S., just over two in the UK, and just below two in Germany and France. In Brazil, the figure is two, in Japan close to 1.5 and in India the number is three. The data also shows that 8-out-of-10 Pay TV homes in the UK subscribe to OTT services (April 2020). Around 60% of these Pay TV homes take Netflix and nearly 20% of them now subscribe to Disney+.

Penetration of SVOD in Pay TV homes in the U.S. is similar (as a whole) but varies more between provider, with the figure near 80% in Comcast and DIRECTV homes but nearly 90% in Verizon homes, for example. The penetration of Netflix in U.S. Pay TV homes is also more variable, from 50% in DISH Network homes to around 75% in Verizon homes, for example. Depending on provider, 20-30% of Pay TV homes in the U.S. are taking Disney. The figure for Disney+ penetration is 25% when you consider U.S. broadband homes (as opposed to Pay TV homes).

Videoscape Europe is streaming all day on Friday June 12 and you can join the live stream from this link. Go to the top right of the home screen menu and follow ‘Live Stream’.

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