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How to build the new Pay TV Bundle

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Consumers have embraced global SVOD and direct-to-consumer studio services, but self-stacking will quickly become expensive – especially for the super-fans – and multiple siloed apps means a fragmented content discovery and navigation experience. The market is ripe for a new Pay TV bundle and today’s platform operators are best placed to deliver it and prove the ongoing relevance of aggregation.

At the same time that operators create the new Pay TV bundle, they need to build the new Pay TV business – capable of operating on a permanently lower cost base, yet ready for perpetual innovation in consumer-facing experiences and the backoffice technologies that power them.

This webcast explains how you can meet these objectives – outlining the transformational change that is possible using Synamedia’s Infinite Platform with the Amazon Web Services cloud, and why this combination represents a foundational technology for the next iteration of Pay TV.

This one-hour discussion addresses:

  • The fundamental building blocks for a single, unified television platform that can support all premium video services across every network type and screen, including full-flavour Pay TV, Pay Lite and white labelled services, in order to achieve common operations and a consistent and seamless user experience.
  • How the cloud rewrites the economics of television and resets the capacity bar for both service provision and innovation. You will hear how next-gen features and technologies like cloud recording, intuitive recommendations, analytics (harnessing AI and ML), advanced advertising and advanced security can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively.
  • The anatomy of the new Pay TV bundle – how operators can integrate the best streaming services into their UX alongside linear and on-demand, judge consumer needs and intent better than anyone else, and lead them on the most rewarding content discovery journeys.
  • The leading Pay TV operators who are already harnessing a single global infrastructure to reimagine their role, their services and consumer experiences. You will hear about companies who have the confidence to think big, and the means to implement on it.
  • The detail of how Synamedia’s Infinite Platform and the AWS cloud work together – the truly transformative synergies that mark the end of one TV technology era and the start of another.

This webcast is about how you build the new Pay TV bundle and the new Pay TV business today, ready for a fast-changing consumer landscape and the unknown challenges and opportunities that will emerge in a post-Covid world.


  • Nick Thexton, Chief Technology Officer, Synamedia
  • Morsy Cheikhrouhou, Business Portfolio Leader – Telecom Media Distribution Solutions, AWS
  • Simon Rice, Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS
  • John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet (moderator).

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