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Global TV Group publishes valuable data reference covering the reach, impact and effectiveness of TV advertising

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French TV advertising delivers an ROI of €4.9 for every Euro spent. In Australia, TV is by far the most efficient media channel, with the next best, search, achieving 57% against a TV benchmark of 100%. TV’s halo effect on digital advertising in Canada is such that without TV in a campaign, digital ROI would decline by 19%.

These are some of the statistics found in the comprehensive slide deck just published by The Global TV Group, the informal grouping of trade bodies representing TV companies and sales houses in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

The deck highlights some significant reach differences between different markets, with Portugal delivering an astonishing 99.7% monthly reach into its population using TV and Ireland achieving 99.5%, compared to the USA and Poland on 88.9% each and Australia at 89.1%. When it comes to daily reach achieved using TV, Portugal hits 84.9% and Canada reaches 78%, with Sweden (58.6%), Australia (55%) and Switzerland (53.9%) among the lower performers outside LatAm.

The comprehensive slide deck demonstrates that when it comes to television’s share of video time, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany and Austria lead (with 86%, 86%, 85% and 85% respectively) while Sweden (51%) and Poland (63%) trail.

This third edition of the Global TV Deck contains data on 26 countries covering TV’s reach, popularity, resilience, impact, and effectiveness, among other things. The Global TV Group says its “brand new set of updated and reliable facts is indispensable for marketers seeking to make the most informed decisions when it comes to their ad investments.”

Lindsey Clay, President of The Global TV Group & CEO at Thinkbox, says: “It was great to see so many advertisers and agencies find their way to the first two editions of the Global TV Deck and put them to use. We’re convinced that this edition will once again help marketers navigate the complex media landscape and look beyond their boundaries to realise that the resilience of TV is a worldwide reality.”

The Global TV Deck can be downloaded from the Global TV Group website, here.

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