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DoubleVerify claims a first with connected TV Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offering

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DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced what it claims is the industry’s first connected TV Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offering. The new capability will allow advertisers to measure signals that offer a strong proxy for viewability on connected TV (CTV) and can be applied at app and device level. Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offers insights on two key CTV metrics:

  • Quartile completion metrics. Advertisers can now understand how many impressions were played to completion and identify drop-off points along the way. Completion metrics are measured and reported for impressions that are delivered via the DoubleVerify (DV) VAST Wrapper (officially called the DV Video Omnitag). Leveraging widely adopted VAST quartile events, DV provides a breakdown of video campaign playback, enabling a buyer to understand the volume of impressions.
  • Fully on-screen metrics. This is a subset of completion metrics where DV has performed a VAST Visibility Certification, confirming that impressions originate from sources (devices, apps, and platforms) that deliver 100% of the ad’s pixels on the screen consistently.

“Viewability measurement in the CTV environment has been challenging for multiple reasons – from technical execution to lack of agreed-upon standards,” Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify, declares. “Our innovative approach to measuring ad presentation on CTV is a market first. It extends to both the app and device levels, and represents a close proxy to traditional viewability available to advertisers today. Our new solution offers unique components that address the current viewability challenges for CTV advertisers.”

CTV viewership has grown dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic, boosting streaming video consumption by nearly 40%, according to Nielsen figures provided by DoubleVerify. “With the shift, advertisers are following audiences. According to the IAB, 35% of advertisers have adjusted their in-market tactics as a result of the virus, with 35% of that group increasing CTV investments, specifically,” says the company.

“As advertisers continue to navigate Covid-19, shifting budgets to CTV inventory and platforms, the need to understand performance and measurability across the channel is now more important than ever,” DoubleVerify adds.

DoubleVerify recently launched a new solution to give CTV buyers full transparency and accurate data on where their campaigns are running across all major connected TV devices. The technology maps app names across platforms and devices, normalizing them in line with IAB standards. Earlier this year, the company also announced its CTV Certification Program, the industry’s first CTV Targeting Certification for programmatic platforms, protecting advertisers from fraud and invalid traffic in the CTV space.

DoubleVerify’s CTV capabilities will let advertisers optimize for ‘DV Authentic Impressions’, wherever their campaigns run – including high-growth, emerging media. To be counted as Authentic by DV, an impression must be fully viewed, by a human, in a brand safe environment.

“For advertisers, viewability is table stakes across every digital environment and channel,” says Dan Slivjanovski, CMO at DoubleVerify. “We are excited to launch this landmark solution.”

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