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CTV advertising boosts purchase intent and brand sentiment more than broadcast TV

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Unruly, the independent supply side ad platform that also owns the ad-tech, audience data and creative specialist Tremor Video, conducted a survey of 1,800 U.S. consumers in July which reveals, it claims, that connected TV advertising performs better than broadcast linear TV across a number of important indicators. In fact, the comparison is startling, with ad-supported CTV users being 52% more likely to buy a product than linear TV viewers, 45% more likely to visit a store or website, 53% more likely to search for a brand , 71% more likely to tell a friend about a brand, and 48% more likely to have an improved opinion of the brand.

Previous research by Unruly showed that 42% of U.S. consumers are spending ‘a lot more time’ watching CTV content since the start of the pandemic. Unruly believes marketers are “trailing behind” consumers in their use of connected TV and has been championing not just the power of connected TV but also the importance of ad-supported streaming. Its survey reveals that 35% of U.S. consumers have tried a new ad-supported streaming service since the outbreak of Covid-19.

73% of the U.S. consumers sampled also said they would prefer to watch their favourite TV show for free with ads rather than pay for an ad-free experience.

Unruly says it is more important than ever that brands understand and embrace the medium. “The pivot to CTV is an opportunity for them to reach audiences at scale in a highly targeted, personalized way that has, until now, not been possible,” declares Terence Scroope, VP of Insights and Solutions at Unruly. “Following our acquisition by Tremor International, Unruly has shifted from an outstream video specialist to become one of the biggest video platforms in the world. From this unique position, we are able to help advertisers seize on the opportunities CTV presents like never before.”

Meanwhile, Brightcove, the streaming video technology leader, believes that consumers may be permanently shifting away from linear TV and towards streaming, with a special place in their hearts for connected TV. The company’s assertion is based on data from the Brightcove Q2 2020 Global Video Index Entertainment and Media Edition, which found that video views in Q2 increased by 40% but connected TV views grew by 160%.

“The streaming industry is exploding. While much can be attributed to Covid-19 keeping people indoors, stay-at-home orders do not account for the entirety of recent growth,” says Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst and Author of Brightcove’s Global Video Index, before pointing to the launch of services like Disney+.

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