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How Proximus built a best-in-class TV platform using Android TV Operator Tier

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Why and how Proximus, Technicolor, Google and 3SS deployed an Android TV Operator Tier next-generation set-top box platform with world-first functionality and maximum operator control.

This webcast explores the journey that Proximus, one of Europe’s leading IPTV providers, has taken to open up its platform to third-party apps using Android TV Operator Tier. You will hear the rationale behind the decision to become a ‘super-aggregator’ and how the Belgian provider integrates streaming app content into the Pay TV user experience while ensuring its own content remains front-and-centre.

The webcast focuses on the move to Android TV Operator Tier, with its game-changing UX design freedoms and sophisticated Google tool-set, which includes universal search and a roadmap towards Google Assistant and voice control. With Technicolor and 3SS as major project stakeholders on the panel, we review the market-leading innovations found in this Operator Tier deployment, including the Android P enabled auto-download of Google Play Store apps at STB start-up.

The webcast contrasts AOSP with Operator Tier – with real-world insights from an operator that has used both – and addresses the important Operator Tier choice facing operators: whether to use a standard launcher or custom launcher. There is a strong focus on how operators surface their own content in an environment where there are more viewing choices.

Our speakers are:

  • Sébastien Leblanc, Head of Consumer Product Managment, Proximus
  • Matthias Puschmann, Android TV Partnerships EMEA, Google
  • Fabien Battini, Product Manager, Technicolor
  • Pierre Donath, Chief Product Officer, 3SS
  • John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

Sébastien Leblanc is in charge of the digital product management at Proximus, covering consumers & enterprise (SE & ME).

Matthias Puschmann is Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google looking after Android TV partnerships in EMEA. In this role, he focuses on business development for Google’s Smart TV operating system in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe as well as the Middle East.

Fabien Battini joined Technicolor more than 10 years ago as a software product manager, acting as a technology evangelist for the software solutions for Set Top Boxes, notably Android TV. He is a graduate from the prestigious engineering Grande Ecole SUPELEC.

Pierre Donath has overall responsibility for product development, as well as marketing strategy and communications at 3SS. Leading teams across multiple projects, and working closely with Google, he advises 3SS’ platform customers on product integration and Android TV service strategies.

John Moulding is Editor-in-Chief at Videonet where he has been covering the evolution of multiscreen TV, connected TV and advanced advertising since 2010.

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