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Synamedia claims industry first with a way to prove the ROI on anti-piracy initiatives

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Synamedia is claiming an industry first with its upgraded, intelligence-first and data-led content/revenue security model as it enables video service providers and content rights holders to prove the efficacy and ROI of anti-piracy initiatives, moving away from a best-effort cost model. “The new approach combines digital and human intelligence to ‘zero in’ on the increasingly sophisticated streaming piracy underworld that is threatening the media industry. It provides unparalleled forensic insights into the minds, motivations and behaviours of pirates, and their infrastructure and business models, for a more powerful, targeted anti-piracy response,” the company says.

The television software vendor says its new approach to security is already fuelling technology innovations across its product portfolio, helping customers protect revenues, negotiate fair content license terms such as sports rights, and ensure compliance. Several new product enhancements are already benefiting from this methodology, aimed at tacking industrial-scale piracy. They are:

  • A redesigned counter-piracy operations centre – Synamedia EverGuard – which is the heart of the company’s intelligence and analysis platform and Streaming Piracy Disruption (SPD) managed service. Incorporating big data analytics, Synamedia EverGuard creates a list of recommended actions against a set of devices, user accounts and pirate streaming sites. It supports multiple ways of disrupting services and analyses the effectiveness of each disruption mechanism for better future outcomes. The choice of action and time of enforcement is designed to cause maximum impact to pirates and nudge viewers back to legitimate services, the company reports.
  • A rich new UI for the SPD service, allowing operational security personnel to fine-tune the counter-piracy operations centre recommendations if required to meet specific business needs.
  • A new generation of intelligence agents including new client- and/or headend-based watermarking agents that are resistant to pirates’ evasion techniques, and a new analytics agent.
  • A new raft of disruption agents for a broader choice of responses, including new quarantining agents in the CDN and the control plane, as well as device revocation agents for turning off and de-registering devices proven to have been used by pirates.
  • CSFEye, a credentials sharing and fraud solution that is an extension to the Credentials Sharing Insight service. CSFEye specifically targets fraudsters engaged in stealing or abusing accounts for commercial purposes, who compromise the privacy and identity of legitimate subscribers and pose a legal and commercial risk to service providers. CSFEye now includes the ability to identify all shadow users (both sharers and fraudsters), recommend and execute a range of actions in order to mitigate the risk, and convert them into paying customers.

“Video piracy is becoming an existential threat to the media industry because the barrier to entry is low and the return on investment very high,” notes Yael Fainaro, Senior Vice President, Security at Synamedia. “Eradicating these businesses is made more difficult by the fact that they have sophisticated operations, are well organised, and make extensive use of the latest technologies.”

Fainaro continued, “With a blend of human and digital intelligence we can build a detailed picture of the pirate ecosystem, crack the criminal mind-set and – working closely with law enforcement agencies – ultimately shut down pirates’ businesses. This hard data is an industry gamechanger, making it possible to move away from a best-effort cost model to one that proves the efficacy and ROI of any anti-piracy spend.”

During an IBC virtual press conference in early September, Fainaro warned that pirates used the lockdown to improve their own services, and that their platforms have become even more efficient.

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