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Synamedia launches all-encompassing addressable TV advertising solution

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Synamedia, which collaborated with Sky on the development of the AdSmart platform when the company was known as NDS (prior to its acquisition by Cisco and then its subsequent spin-off) has introduced an addressable advertising solution that includes ad decisioning and targeting, unified campaign management and measurement. The product, called Iris, is designed to cater for all screens and harness all forms of video inventory in a single campaign, thus covering broadcast linear TV, catch-up and OTT, among other things. It can support ad targeting on one-way systems. Customer announcements can be expected this year.

Yves Padrines, CEO at Synamedia, considers addressable advertising a way for Pay TV operators, broadcasters, OTT and ‘hybrid’ service providers to generate new revenue. And he is right. Where available, addressable TV has encouraged new-to-TV advertisers, including smaller advertisers into the market, and it is being used by larger and existing advertisers as a way to achieve cost-effective incremental reach. It is widely considered that more relevant advertising is also welcomed by consumers

“As demand for more targeted TV advertising increases, [TV providers] can use Iris to help create compelling advertising propositions that reach specific TV audience segments of any size and make-up across all services, devices and screens,” Synamedia comments.

Synamedia emphasises the value of an end-to-end offering. “Iris delivers faster time to value by removing the friction points that characterize piecemeal addressable advertising products. It simplifies the execution for service providers and broadcasters, helping them to merchandise their inventory more efficiently.”

Scott Kewley, VP Advanced Advertising and Data at Synamedia, says: “With Iris, the TV industry can finally combat the erosion of ad revenues to digital platforms and achieve its long-held ambition of generating new income from advanced TV advertising.

“Our end-to-end solution, with its unified campaign management capability, makes it easy for customers to drive new revenues from their inventory – even over more challenging one-way and hybrid networks – and offer established and new advertisers an alternative to the increasingly Wild West world of online advertising.”

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