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ThinkAnalytics highlights power of its cloud-native technology

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ThinkAnalytics today announced it has boosted its market-leading content discovery platform with significant new AI and cloud-native technologies. ThinkAnalytics’ cloud-native Content Discovery Platform Version 10 delivers increased user engagement, more business control and new operating efficiencies, alongside proven massive cloud scalability to over 50+ million users, auto-scaling and self-healing.

Customers are able to run the ThinkAnalytics cloud-native Content Discovery Platform across multiple AWS availability zones. “The intelligent cloud-native platform has the flexibility to meet viewing demands, yet keeps cloud costs under control, with each service auto-scaling independently of each other,” ThinkAnalytics declares.

Using AI to predict loads, the platform auto-scales in advance of peak viewing, such as appointment-to-view live sports events. The new platform delivers high levels of resilience with the ability to self-heal at an individual service level; if a cloud service fails, it is automatically replaced with a new instance, ensuring service continuity for viewers.

The majority of ThinkAnalytics’ customer base now runs in the cloud with a number of deployments serving over 50 million monthly active users and over 20,000 requests per second. ThinkAnalytics’ platform is delivering 6 billion content recommendations per day.

“Our new cloud-native platform draws on many years of large-scale operational experience with some of the top TV operators worldwide,” says Peter Docherty, ThinkAnalytics CTO. “Our customers can benefit from the latest cloud technology safe in the knowledge that our platform delivers the industry’s highest levels of business benefits and customer engagement while minimizing infrastructure costs, and maximizing resilience and scalability.”

For the editorial teams, ThinkAnalytics Editorial Campaign Intelligence comes with an updated editor console which includes manual curation tools for title-specific promotions, and gives video service providers the opportunity to blend advanced AI personalization with deep human expertise for the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, an enhanced ThinkInsight big data platform presents all viewing metrics and insights with instant KPIs to aid decision-making in areas such as UI/UX, the most popular carousels, content acquisition, content upsell, churn, customer satisfaction and marketing services.

Docherty continues: “Video service providers who understand the value of the engagement economy can now build deeper, more sustainable relationships with Version 10. Just as the FAANG business models are built on analyzing consumer behaviour, we too are helping our customers use deep learning to draw out valuable insights to personalize viewing experiences. The result is increased subscriber engagement, improved customer satisfaction and reductions in churn.”

Meanwhile, Firstlight Media’s content management system (CMS) is being combined with the ThinkAnalytics cloud-native Content Discovery Platform to empower product owners and programmers to deliver personalized viewing experiences that combine the best of human editorial and AI-powered recommendations.

Firstlight’s CMS offers real-time metadata management, pre-integration of third-party enrichment providers, storefront previsualization tools with real-time and scheduled publishing, and editable electronic programme guides. The integration will increase the ability of Firstlight’s CMS to deliver enhanced personalized recommendations and content discovery based on a wide range of defined or customized use cases that are proven to boost viewer engagement.

“The nirvana of personalization is knowing not only the ‘what’ in the viewer’s decision-making process but also the ‘why,” says Andre Christensen, CEO and co-founder of Firstlight Media. “The combination of ThinkAnalytics’ suite of tools and our own real-time personalization capabilities will turbocharge our customers’ ability to gain deeper, more actionable insights into content that’s coming – and content that was missed – that matters to the viewer.”

Gabriel Berger, CEO of ThinkAnalytics, comments: “Keeping audiences engaged when there is so much competition for eyeballs requires the ability to anticipate each new step in the viewer’s decision matrix. This partnership will help customers drive engagement by enabling more informed, real-time programming decisions that really resonate with viewers.”

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