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Videonet webcast: How Proximus built a best-in-class TV platform using Android TV Operator Tier

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A live Videonet webcast on Wednesday (September 9 at 1500 BST / 1600 CET) looks at why and how Proximus, Technicolor, Google and 3SS deployed an Android TV Operator Tier next-generation set-top box platform with world-first functionality and maximum operator control. Among other things, the one-hour discussion explores the journey that Proximus, one of Europe’s leading IPTV providers, has taken to open up its platform to third-party apps using Android TV Operator Tier. You will hear the rationale behind the decision to become a ‘super-aggregator’ and how the Belgian provider integrates streaming app content into the Pay TV user experience while ensuring its own content remains front-and-centre.

The webcast focuses on the move to Android TV Operator Tier, with its game-changing UX design freedoms and sophisticated Google tool-set, which includes universal search and a roadmap towards Google Assistant and voice control. You will hear about market-leading innovations found in this Operator Tier deployment, including auto-download of Google Play Store apps at STB start-up.

The webcast contrasts AOSP with Operator Tier – with real-world insights from an operator that has used both – and addresses the important Operator Tier choice facing operators: whether to use a standard launcher or custom launcher. There is a strong focus on how operators surface their own content in an environment where there are more viewing choices.

You can find out more, and register, here.

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