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Xandr and Realytics help converge TV and digital for French buyers

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A partnership between Xandr and Realytics is designed to help digital advertisers that are already using digital video to add linear TV channels to their AV plan but do so using their existing digital tools and within a single platform. The wider ambition is to help unify and simplify the TV-digital marketplace. The partnership means French buyers can execute the linear TV campaigns through the Xandr Invest buying platform.

Xandr is AT&T’s advanced advertising company. Realytics has a heritage of helping clients connect offline and online with optimised media plans and helps drive the customer journey from TV to digital by understanding the impact of TV advertising exposures on digital activation and helping clients ‘pursue’ TV exposed customers in digital. The technology from Realytics helps combine buying models, metrics and performance across digital and linear campaigns.

“We are pleased to offer this opportunity for our buy-side customers with Realytics,” states Paul-Antoine Strullu, VP and Managing Director, Southern Europe, Xandr. “This partnership is part of our wider initiative to foster opportunities for start-ups to emerge and innovate. With linear buying one of the main challenges programmatic companies are looking to solve in 2020, collective thinking is better than standalone solutions to ensure new innovation can emerge in the French market.”

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