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Google and Roku among early leaders in The European Connected TV Initiative

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The European Connected TV Initiative launched last month with support from Google, Roku, Fincons Group and IPONWEB, focused on understanding the advertising opportunities emanating from the growth of CTV in Europe. Working with major trade bodies including egta and the IAB Europe, the group will facilitate a wide-ranging dialogue across the industry to explore potential opportunities and identify potential barriers and practical steps needed to overcome those.

The European Connected TV Initiative will embark on a discussion programme with brands, agencies, broadcasters, TV platforms, plus providers of technology, data and measurement solutions. The focus is on constructive proposals to help move this market forwards.

“The growth and development of the CTV ecosystem is widely regarded as one of the most important developments of recent years,” says Jon Watts, Senior Industry Adviser (who co-founded the respected media industry consulting firm, MTM). “Connected TVs are powerful distribution vehicles for streaming services and addressable advertising, and a source of new data-driven insights for publishers and marketers. They are a platform for advertising innovation, and an opportunity to support programmatic buying on TV screens.

“A vibrant, dynamic CTV ecosystem is developing – one that can support the growth of the TV industry during the decade ahead. However, unlocking the full potential of CTVs in Europe will require collaboration, coordination and compromise across the entire ecosystem.”

The European Connected TV Initiative will consider the current state of the market and seek to answer questions like:

  • What is the role of connected TVs in the future of the European TV industry and advertising ecosystem?
  • What factors support the growth of connected TV advertising in key European markets – and what are the main barriers, pain points and challenges holding back developments?
  • What discrete opportunities and use-cases are supported by connected TVs and how attractive are they to broadcasters and advertisers?
  • What steps can and should the TV industry take, collectively, to support the growth and development of the connected TV ecosystem?

Jens Thenakara, EMEA Head of Programmatic Media at Google Marketing platforms, says: “As people spend more time at home, we are seeing industry-wide shifts toward streaming viewership. Advertisers are very excited by the growing opportunity, so we are making it even simpler for digital media buyers to discover and secure ad inventory on high-quality streaming content. We will continue to work with the industry and listen to our partners to ensure that brands can respond effectively to this rapidly developing space.”

Mike Shaw, Director of Europe for Roku, comments: “The media landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift away from legacy television models of the past to today’s new era of streaming. Europe has entered the streaming decade; Covid-19 has only served to accelerate the broader consumer migration towards OTT.  Marketers have been waiting for the kind of reach, control and measurable efficacy that streaming brings to TV advertising and we look forward to working together in the consortium to help brands succeed in this new streaming marketplace.”

The project is being directed by Jon Watts and industry advisor Mary Ann Halford.

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