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A&E and Crown Media are latest to join Xandr’s multi-broadcaster audience buying platform

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Channels from A+E Networks (A&E and HISTORY) and Crown Media are now participating in automated audience-based selling with the Invest TV platform from Xandr in the U.S. They join AMC Networks, Disney and WarnerMedia, meaning the platform now reaches 90% of U.S. television homes via over 50 channels.

Invest TV provides unified, audience-based planning and execution across a pool of inventory provided by multiple channel owners (networks, as they are called in the U.S.). Buyers can choose from over 2,500 off-the-shelf Xandr Audience Segments, select from a marketplace of third-party audience segments or use their own proprietary data.  They can then review a single aggregated proposal for how they can reach that audience segment across the different media owners.

Forecasting of audience impressions, and estimated de-duplicated reach, is calculated from media owner estimates and availability, providing a unified planning view that is then complemented by multi-network reporting.  The whole process is managed via an automated system and a single self-serve user interface.

Invest TV manages the direct flow of buyer campaign specifications and RFPs to the sellers’ optimisation and proposals platform. Invest TV is already running live campaigns including from AT&T (as a brand advertiser). “Campaigns have run and are planned to run across multiple TV programmers, with buyers leveraging advanced audience segments built with Nielsen, Xandr Audience Segments and the buyer’s first-party data,” Xandr reports. Custom audience segments have been used across all of Xandr’s programmer partners.

A+E Networks and Crown Media already use Xandr’s Monetize SSP for programmatic monetisation of their streaming video inventory and their availability via Invest TV expands the partnership to cover TV sales as well as digital media.

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