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Streamers can offer broadcast-like control of ad breaks

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Streaming video ‘publishers’ can provide advertisers with the kind of ad break controls they are used to in broadcast TV in the programmatic environment, thanks to a technology partnership between Unruly and Publica. Competitive separation and the ability to guarantee the first position within a break become possible within the context of a unified auction.

Publica provides connected TV ad serving capabilities, server-to-server header bidding and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology and helps publishers maximise revenue by running a unified auction between multiple supply platforms. Unruly provides publishers with unified demand from major advertisers and leading global and local DSPs. Their contribution includes self-service automated deal management tools.

The combined solution that was recently unveiled to streaming video providers and platforms includes consolidated deal reporting. “It creates enhanced efficiency for publishers, as well as unified management and reporting on deals through one holistic source,” the companies explain. The automated Deal ID workflow streamlines operations for publishers and leverages first-party data for deal targeting.

Unruly and Publica say their new partnership will help publishers maintain higher yield per impression and more control over how their inventory is packaged, priced and sold. “With many publishers shifting away from the current VAST waterfall model, our partnership provides them with a one-stop shop for ad serving and self-service deal management,” they say.

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