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DISH and CBS enable addressable advertising on national broadcast inventory

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Pay TV operator DISH and CBS, the television network, have achieved a notable innovation in the USA by enabling addressable advertising on national broadcast inventory via the operator’s satellite set-top boxes. A number of live campaigns have now served targeted ads to homes within the DISH footprint, which covers 9 million homes, albeit in selected CBS markets. Currently the inventory is being sold by ViacomCBS.

The addressable advertising market took off first in the U.S. partly because cable operators are given a share of inventory from commercial channels/networks that they carry, giving them a strong incentive to develop the technology for use with inventory that they effectively own. In this deployment, it is national inventory that belongs to a broadcaster that is being addressable enabled. As in Europe, this implementation model requires full collaboration between the broadcaster and the platform operator.

“This breakthrough allows ViacomCBS to deliver the most powerful solution for our advertisers by combining the reach of national broadcast with the targeted relevance of household addressable,” says Mike Dean, Senior Vice President of Advanced Advertising at ViacomCBS. “While cable networks have been addressable for years, addressable national broadcast has remained technically unreachable until now, making this a tremendous milestone for the industry and the future of television.”

Tim Myers, GM of Strategy and Products at DISH Media, says, “Implementing national broadcast enablement is a first for the industry, and a critical achievement in continuing to drive scale for addressable TV advertising. As innovators in the premium video ad space, DISH Media identified the need for this inventory to attract larger, national budgets, so we’re thrilled to partner with ViacomCBS, Adcuratio and Invidi to make this a reality for advertisers.”

Invidi helped pioneer addressable advertising in broadcast signals and is a long-established vendor in this marketplace. Adcuratio provides its signalling solution which, developed in partnership with ViacomCBS and DISH, integrates with programmer and distributor infrastructure. Harish Narasimhan, Founder and CEO at Adcuratio Media, comments: “Adcuratio is excited to be leading the enablement of national addressable advertising on both broadcast and cable inventory and across multiple MVPDs. Our platform and signalling solutions allow broader and faster ecosystem interconnectivity.”

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