Home Webcast Targeted TV advertising – what’s in it for you, and them?

Targeted TV advertising – what’s in it for you, and them?

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Live webcast: Targeted TV advertising – what’s in it for you, and them?

Wednesday, February 3 at 1600 CET / 1500 GMT / 1000 EST

Duration: 1 hour

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With targeted TV advertising providing one of the most significant new revenue opportunities for both platform operators and broadcasters this decade, this webcast considers how you build the foundations for successful, sustainable and frictionless targeted TV advertising offerings. A key part of the discussion is how platform owners and content providers can work together to enable ad replacement within premium inventory at a scale that advertisers are interested in – and why they should do it.

Proximus, the Belgian IPTV provider that is pioneering addressable TV advertising on mainland Europe, will share its experiences on the road to targeted advertising, explain the value-add an operator brings to this marketplace, and reveal how you establish a win-win relationship with content partners. Proximus will explain its business model, how addressable TV advertising attracts new money to television, and share lessons from its implementation – including how to keep the cost of addressable TV advertising to a minimum.

MediaKind, which provides server-side dynamic advertising insertion for the Proximus addressable TV advertising service, will demonstrate how an operator supports per-user targeting across live, time-shifted and on-demand content, working with all ABR formats. The benefits of server-side advertising insertion – including resistance to ad-blockers and avoiding the need to maintain multiple client applications – will be explored. The company shows how the unification of alternate content and advertising across broadcast and IP networks optimises costs for platform operators and programmers.

Smart AdServer will demonstrate how platform operators and broadcasters can open up their addressable inventory to advertisers, make targeted TV buying easy, and provide marketers with a holistic view of their advertising campaign – ensuring addressable TV does not become a planning silo. The company will demonstrate how you can maximise revenues from addressable TV inventory, exploring the role of programmatic alongside direct sales and the extent to which programmatic can now match broadcast compliance standards.

Listeners will also hear:

  • Market trends in targeted TV.
  • Opportunities and challenges as we see more HTTP-based media delivery, and the monetisation opportunity for one-to-one advertising in the IP environment.
  • How linear and impressions-based advertising business models and related insertion workflows are unifying.
  • How to ensure regulatory compliance for the handling of data – making sure this is built into the targeted TV workflow.
  • How to enable user-level targeting for one-to-all, non-IP delivery (broadcast linear TV).
  • How to provide ad completion rate measurement with impression tracking for advertising insertion on all types of content.
  • How programmatic is evolving to serve the TV industry, from guaranteed deals to broadcast-standard compliance.
  • Why increased IP delivery is introducing new complexity when it comes to linear rights enforcement (with reference to Blackout and trick-play control, etc.) ­ and how to manage that.


  • Gert Marien, Innovation Manager – TV, Adverts & Digital Media, Proximus
  • Christophe Kind, Director Market Development, Advanced TV Advertising, MediaKind
  • Gérald Sauvageon, SVP Sales Video / Addressable TV, Smart AdServer
  • Moderator: John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

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