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Go Malta deploys Android TV Operator Tier platform and STBs, harnessing Amino technologies

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GO Malta, the quad-play service provider with 500,000 customers in Malta, is deploying an Android TV-based television offering that combines scheduled linear TV and streaming services. By updating its UI and integrating streaming apps, the company is confident it can give consumers more reasons to remain in its TV environment.

The deployment harnesses several Amino technologies –  namely the Amigo 7X Android TV Operator Tier certified Ultra HD client device, AminoOS middleware and Amino Engage, the cloud-based service management solution for Android TV devices and apps.

As with other Android TV Operator Tier deployments, GO Malta is using the design freedom within the specs to provide its own branding on the UX, and the remote control includes a customised GO button that takes viewers directly to the GO Malta experience. Amino has also enabled branded Android TV boot screens and launcher background images that are dynamically changed by the Amino Engage software.

Kelvin Camenzuli, Chief Digital Officer at GO Malta, says, “Amino enabled us to launch interactive services running on Android TV while migrating viewers from DTT to OTT. Our viewers are already responding very positively to the new advanced experience that we are providing to them. Thanks to the expertise of Amino, this complex, demanding project has been incredibly smooth.”

Donald McGarva, Chief Executive Officer forAmino Group, says, “Our expertise in Android TV, including handling the certification with Google, means that we can make sure our customers can easily update their services, and do it efficiently and quickly. Amino’s experience in making Android TV ‘Operator Ready’ ensures that GO Malta customers get great OTT video services and the operator can reduce OpEx; a real win-win.”

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