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MGM extends use of Eluvio Content Fabric to support pre-release screenings and licensee marketing

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MGM has signed a multi-year agreement to extend its use of the Eluvio Content Fabric and so enable ticketed pre-release screenings of new shows and films for MGM partners on browser, mobile and the Apple TV app. The collaboration for B2B distribution also means MGM clients can discover and watch the entire MGM catalogue on a single platform. The Eluvio Content Fabric also supports a B2B self-service marketing portal where licensees can access more than 1.5 million MGM assets including images, logos and videos.

The Eluvio Content Fabric is a global platform service that enables just-in-time, low-latency content distribution, monetisation, and asset servicing to consumers. Content is delivered directly from source as on-demand streams, live streams and dynamic sequences – without the use of cloud transcoding services, CDNs or aggregation services, and without creating file copies.

As we reported here, the Eluvio Content Fabric use  an entirely new way of distributing content over the Internet that effectively decomposes video streams or files during ingest and then reconstitutes them at an edge node when client devices request them. Between these two points, the content is distributed and stored in its most basic form, broken down into base elements like binary data (media), metadata and the code needed for composing the streams or files at the edge.

For every consumer that requests a video stream, the base elements needed to create it are drawn from the nodes that contain them. The stream is assembled from scratch, just-in-time, to provide chunked and packetized standard ABR video in the format and bit rate needed, with the appropriate DRM. No changes are made to content (whether live or file-based) before it is ingested into what is called the ‘Eluvio Content Fabric’. And no changes are needed on client devices, since the outputs from the edge nodes are normal streaming video (e.g., DASH and HLS).

MGM was the first Eluvio customer to be made public, in summer 2019. The extended deal means MGM is making use of content discovery tools that allow marketers to search the entire MGM library at the frame level, creating clips and stills in real-time using Eluvio’s in-platform Avails Manager. The Avails Manager gives MGM fine grain control over client access to material based on contracts and other business rules.

MGM will also leverage Eluvio’s in-platform ‘Video Understanding via Machine Learning (ML)’. This automatically tags incoming content with identified celebrities, logos, landmarks and places, among other things, and provides shot and transition detection. The system provides speech-to-text and deep search of these ML tags and metadata that can create and recommend customised clips for advertisers and other MGM clients.

Evan Scheffel, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Distribution Strategy and Operations at MGM, comments: “Our goal is to make it easy for business clients and prospects to watch and access our vast library from any location in the world. We have been incredibly impressed with Eluvio’s ability to help us launch and create new client-facing experiences with exceptional speed and quality, with tailored permissions and content rights enforcement to support pre-releases, screenings and more.”

Doug Rousso, Executive Vice President & Chief Information and Technology Officer at MGM, adds: “Eluvio provides breakthroughs in dynamic media composition, blockchain security, and high-performance streaming that have helped reshape our distribution architecture and set a new bar for technological innovation.”

Michelle Munson, CEO and Co-Founder of Eluvio adds: “This pandemic year precipitated the need to accelerate ways to directly monetise full libraries, reduce costs, streamline distribution workflows, and re-position for future innovation. The Eluvio Content Fabric was designed to do just that.”

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