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Addressable ads and the future of TV marketing

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This paper takes a deep dive on addressable advertising and ‘Combining the benefits of digital advertising with the power of the big screen’. It is the result of a collaborative research project by Telenet, SBS Belgium and Vlerick Business School, whose ambition was to develop a guide to the current state of addressable advertising technology on TV, with a special focus on the Belgian market. This paper aims to map out the TV advertising ecosystem, define threats and opportunities, and provide solutions focused on the role that data can play in TV advertising.

The white paper:

  • Outlines the benefits of addressable TV advertising to all stakeholders including the consumer, brands, media agencies, broadcasters and distributors
  • Overviews how the technology works and the current state of technology development
  • Demonstrates how addressable advertising impacts the current TV advertising ecosystem
  • Addresses the multiple challenges associated with bringing addressable TV to market, namely: data, privacy and ethics, measurement, cost, scale, standardisation, and inertia.

SBS Belgium was the first broadcaster in Belgium to enable its inventory for addressable advertising on TV. Telenet provides its experience as a Pay TV operator to the research. The white paper was treated as an academic project, ensuring suitable objectivity, as part of a research partnership between Telenet and Vlerick Business School that also funds a full-time PhD student to work there on this topic.

The authors of the paper are: Leen De Schaepdrijver, Prof Dr Philippe Baecke, Prof Dr Koen Tackx, Jeroen Coeymans, Lode Lauwers and Bert Van Driessche.

The paper begins with the rationale for the research and the interest in addressable TV advertising. It states that, “Local media companies, and by extension the entire local media ecosystem, are being pushed aside by international tech giants such as Google and Facebook. For various reasons, more and more companies are choosing to advertise through international digital companies. So, the creation and distribution of ads is shifting to players outside the local ecosystem, which results in value disappearing from this ecosystem.

“Belgium, and especially its northern region Flanders, has a unique media landscape with a heavy focus on local quality content. To ensure strong, engaging content, media companies rely on revenue that comes from advertising. In order to shift some of this value back to the local ecosystem, Telenet and Vlerick joined forces in a strategic research partnership.”

Download the White Paper via the link below…

Whitepaper Future of TV Advertising

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