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ADvantage XP helps demonstrate advertising reach extension by channel and platform, together with attribution

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ADvantage XP, described as the premier tier of the ADvantage analytics platform from TVSquared, has just been launched to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising across linear, addressable and OTT including connected TV. The new tool links census-level media exposure data to consumer responses to show reach (including unduplicated reach and reach extension), and frequency. It quantifies reach extension by channel and platform to inform optimisations and audience activations.

ADvantage XP is a one-to-one deterministic platform that does not use third-party cookies and comes with independent attribution. It supports impression-based advertising, providing ‘always-on’ analytics. Household-level precision is provided for all forms of TV. TVSquared claims that every media dollar can be tied back to outcomes using this solution. The platform harnesses TVSquared’s network of direct publisher integrations and data partnerships, which among other things take care of identity issues. TVSquared says ADvantage XP helps track the customer journey and will benefit direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands as well as more traditional advertisers.

Jo Kinsella, President at TVSquared, says: “TV is now able to match digital in terms of targeting and accountability, as advertisers, agencies and publishers lean into one-to-one deterministic data, targeting and measurement. ADvantage XP serves the entire TV landscape with immediate results of creative performance, frequency caps and conversions. It covers every channel, platform, device and identity partner. It is the industry standard for TV’s watershed year, where cross-platform ad investments will soar.”

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