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Comscore brings audience-based targeting back to Europe with a GDPR-compliant contextual approach

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Comscore is giving advertisers in Europe the opportunity to use audience targeting without relying on cookies, harnessing GDPR-compliant solutions that leverage context instead. The company claims its Predictive Audiences offering is the first-cookie-free audience targeting solution for connected TV in Europe. The product can also be used for advertising on desktop and mobile. It will help marketers to extend their linear campaigns into the premium digital video sphere.

Predictive Audiences is now available in the UK and Germany, with plans to add more European markets soon. A combination of opted-in digital panel, rich behavioural data, connected TV viewership and advertising exposure data, and a contextual crawler allow Comscore to figure out the best content to advertise around if an advertiser wants to reach any carefully defined audience segment.

A very simple way to explain the approach is ‘lookalike’ modelling. Comscore understands in great detail the kind of people on its opted-in panels and the kind of content they consume, creating the correlation between audience segment and content types, or context. If an advertiser wants to reach the same kind of consumer, they can be accurately guided to the kind of content that this audience segment tends to watch.

Thus, Comscore has created cookie-free viewership segments for advertisers, including for connected TV. Advertisers in Germany and the UK can now reach their target audiences, via these segments, programmatically through leading demand-side platforms using Predictive Audiences.

Comscore has already shown that this contextual targeting is accurate and effective. In the company’s words, the patent-pending Predictive Audiences “is able to translate CTV viewership behaviours in UK and Germany into contextual signals, advancing the industry’s GDPR-friendly solutions to reach granular CTV audiences.”

Guido Fambach, EVP EMEA and APAC at Comscore, says Predictive Audiences, “enables European advertisers and agencies to bridge a gap they have been trying to overcome for years.”

Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions at Comscore, adds: “The need for advertisers to reach granular audiences in Europe did not diminish with the implementation of GDPR. With these industry-leading capabilities, Comscore is excited to bring the value of audience targeting back to Europe, translated into an unmatched contextual capability.”

Want to know more about Predictive Audiences?

This Videonet story provides more detail on the Predictive Audiences solution. Videonet also hosted a one-hour webcast last autumn focused on Predictive Audiences: why it is needed and, in some detail, how it works. Guido Fambach and Rachel Gantz were the two speakers and you can hear the whole event here.

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