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Clarissa business insights solution puts emphasis on breaking siloes to make smarter connections between cause and effect

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Synamedia has released a business insights solution called Clarissa that puts a high level of emphasis on unifying all television delivery platforms a media company may be using, and unifying all data sources. The goal is to provide one holistic view of a content, subscription and advertising business in an attempt to deliver smarter connections that can be acted upon to ultimately improve the bottom line.

Clarissa therefore covers both traditional Pay TV and streaming. It provides clarity on performance across all video services. It covers all formats and devices. It brings together data sets relating to viewing quality, user experience, content consumption and advertising, ensuring there are no data siloes.

Synamedia provides platform/backoffice, UX, content security, advertising and data analytics solutions to the television industry. Clarissa, its latest offering, will work on any video platform (including Synamedia’s own Infinite solution) and will integrate with third-party data sources. It is available as a managed software-as-a-service.

Some of the benefits of using Clarissa, given by Synamedia, are:

  • Predicting which content will increase engagement, thanks to the application of machine learning to content metadata.
  • Understanding where consumer engagement drops off or picks up within content.
  • Understanding the impact of content promotions on the uptake of a new television series.
  • Seeing the impact across a range of metrics when one element in a service is changed. Examples given are fine-tuning the customer onboarding flow (CX), or streamlining the journey to content by reducing the number of clicks (UI).
  • Understanding which content gets binge-watched and which gets viewed on a weekly linear schedule.
  • Understanding how many users are struggling to consume content due to factors like user error, or service issues.
  • A better understanding of audience behaviour, which helps segment viewers for targeted advertising.
  • Advertising measurement as a way to demonstrate advertising effectiveness.

Business outcomes include: Better call centre performance, Better commissioning, Better ROI on content, Increased engagement, Reduced churn, Increased ARPU, Optimised content distribution strategies.

Synamedia says business managers without data science skills can now unlock untapped potential and find new connections in their data to make more informed and impactful business decisions. According to Amruta Shankar, Director of Data and Analytics at Synamedia, “Clarissa turns what has been a dark art into a science. It democratises data by giving insights to all decision makers.

“Video service providers need a trusted data partner with an unrivalled understanding of video and TV to help them see the bigger picture and improve their service offering. Now, armed with deep insights into their viewers’ needs and the value of their services, video service providers can adapt to win in today’s attention economy.”

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