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Peach launches “truly convergent” video ad workflow management platform for linear TV and digital video

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The collaborative video ad management platform Peach, which replaces laborious manual tasks with automated processes for the sourcing and distribution of content, has launched what it describes as a new and truly convergent video offering that caters for linear TV and digital video distribution in one place. The update to Peach technology provides the ability to instantly create files in the right format for online, social, TV, VOD, DSPs, ad servers and more. It allows assets to be tracked and quality assured with broadcast-grade QC. The platform guarantees all ads arrive at their destinations in perfect condition, Peach declares. The solution comes with 24/7 support from specialists around the world.

The existing version of Peach is being used to streamline complex digital ad workflows in 100 countries. Research conducted by Peach in partnership with VideoWeek last month, covering 101 respondents from European and U.S. agencies, media owners and broadcasters who regularly handle digital video ad assets highlighted a raft of challenges that the Peach platform is designed to solve. These included poor quality of delivery, assets not being delivered at all, or those received needing to be updated. A quarter of agencies and almost half (48%) of media owners claim they could save half a day each week if they had a simpler option to their workflow needs.

That study found that 45% of media owners spend five hours a week managing between two to five assets for each campaign, the majority between 20MB and 30MB in size, with over half received from 2-5 different locations. 40% of media owners claimed to experience issues (viewing, downloading or watching the file) and delayed campaigns a few times per week.

One-third of agencies claim they delayed campaigns a few times a month and have issues a few times a week (viewing, downloading or watching the file). A quarter handle file sizes of 100MB and need to make changes a few times a month, with 48% claiming to send assets to 2-5 destinations for a typical campaign.

Peach states a list of advantages for its own platform, including:

  • Ensuring files are securely available to approved users – so businesses no longer have to rely on unsecured links
  • Ensuring single sources are available around the clock, every day of the year – to save time and reduce manual errors
  • Distributing directly into social channels and ad servers, and so speeding up campaign activation
  • Quality control available for every file to ensure zero rejections from media owners and tech platforms
  • Continuing to deliver the highest quality file types to media owners and ad servers.

Ben Regensburger, CEO at Peach, says: “Since its launch in 1996, Peach has been shaking up the way advertising content is managed and helps power the world’s most ambitious creative. Our new and improved platform delivers collaboration, quality, visibility and increased efficiency. Peach is simplifying digital ad distribution.”

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