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IP Video Advertising: The Top 5 challenges in server-side ad insertion

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Wednesday, June 23, 1500-1600 BST

IP Video unleashes the power of advertising, enabling addressable ads, pinpoint targeting and higher revenues. But server-side advertising, powered by manifest manipulation, brings with it unique challenges when trying to deliver a “Real TV” experience.

In this webcast, CommScope, Liberty Global and Omdia share their real-world experience with Server-Side Ad Insertion and detail lessons learned from delivering ads to millions of subscribers.

The Webcast will demonstrate how service providers, broadcasters and programmers, often working together, can successfully implement addressable TV advertising within streaming IP video content to fully monetize audiences within Pay TV, TVE apps, vMVPD/Pay Lite, BVOD and D2C environments, including on set-top boxes and connected TV. You will hear about the advantages of a dynamic, intelligent, and configurable server-side IP ad insertion solution based on manifest manipulation to help deliver pristine playback and fully sold ad breaks at scale.

CommScope will outline the five top advertising challenges in IP video, together with their solutions. You will hear:

  • How an automated workflow makes it easy and cost-effective to handle the complex and ever-changing device landscape.
  • How Dynamic Ad Insertion can be scaled with built-in resiliency for the largest peaks of concurrent usage, like in live sport.
  • How to support a range of business models, including the ways Broadcasters and Service Providers can work together to deliver and monetize linear content.
  • How to provide measurement that is acceptable to advertisers, and effectively monitor operations to deliver high run rates.
  • How to maintain precise timing so dynamically inserted ads seamlessly play for a smooth user experience.

Liberty Global will provide insights and best practices from its implementation of addressable advertising in its IP video service, and how it architected a solution to overcome the challenges of server-side advertising at scale.

Omdia will review the IP video landscape and the market opportunity awaiting both service providers and content owners as more people watch streaming content for longer.


This one-hour discussion will also explore:

  • Why manifest manipulation is at the heart of an IP streaming service and why it demands a dedicated solution.
  • How intelligent manifest manipulation is improving targeted dynamic ad insertion in the real world, and enabling a revenue generating win-win for operator and channel partners.
  • Why the advertising industry is increasingly willing to accept the manifest manipulator as a measurement proxy for client devices, when looking for verification of ad delivery.
  • How broad device support and the diverse nature of both content and advertising streams drains operations resource in the absence of workflow automation.

This is a live panel discussion and we will be taking audience questions. The webcast will be ‘aired’ on 23rd June and is free to attend.


  • Keith Wigmore, Director, Technology Division, Liberty Global
  • Dave Romrell, Engineering Fellow, Advance Research Group, CommScope
  • Marija Masalskis, Senior Principal Analyst – TV, Video and Advertising, Omdia
  • Moderator: John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

    You can read more about the speakers at the webcast registration page.


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