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Innovative ‘Picture in Picture’ addressable ad format designed to boost inventory in live sport

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Transmit, a streaming media ad platform, has introduced technology to support an innovative ad format – the programmatically enabled, picture-in-picture addressable ad. Designed for use in sports content, the addressable PiP is viewed as new inventory that can be used in programming between traditional ad breaks. It can be used during ‘idle time’ in live events like time-outs or injury breaks.

In a typical use-case, the viewer watches their full screen video experience. At an appropriate moment, the main screen shrinks, and a second screen appears, this one containing the video ad that performs an audio take-over. The ad runs alongside the live coverage, with that coverage now muted.

The sports SVOD service FloSports is an early customer and ran a campaign with Ford where live car racing coverage reduced to a near quarter-screen muted video, and a Ford truck ad appeared as a near quarter-screen alongside it, with audio. These sat upon static Ford artwork that completed the rest of the screen, providing an attractive background.

Transmit has a separate ‘case study’ that shows a Paramount+ ad for the CONCACAF soccer World Cup qualifiers, shown during football. The live match is reduced from full-screen to near-quarter screen and the ad bursts into a near half screen box that runs alongside the live content. In both examples, the ads are 15 seconds long.

This is not true picture-in-picture in the sense that most TV technologists would recognise the term (where the second video would be a smaller box inside the first video), but PiP does a decent-enough job of encapsulating the concept. Transmit describes this format as non-disruptive, although non-interruptive might be a more accurate description.

The Transmit platform uses server side ad insertion. It transcodes live programming in real-time and identifies what it considers to be the perfect moment to introduce the PiP ad unit. Contextual data can be integrated, live, directly into the ad creative to determine the message given to viewers. The addressable part of this solution does not rely on cookies or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Seth Hittman, CEO and Co-Founder at Transmit, comments: “The commercial break has been the same for 80 plus years. Today [at the launch of the new ad format solution] marks a huge innovation in the space for all parties and we’re thrilled to bring this technology to market and advance the category. This intelligence allows for a seamless integration of ads while not disrupting the viewer’s experience of the live event.”

Jason Ford, SVP Integrated Partnerships at FloSports, says: “Advertisers have been looking for new ways to leverage their media dollars and this solution from Transmit provides a seamless integration that works with their existing creative. We’re excited to have this tech-forward solution in our offering.”

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