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NOS harnesses the Metrological Application Platform for additional set-top box apps and OTT services

NOS – the largest communications company in Portugal – is using the Metrological Application Platform, provided by the TV applications solutions company, Metrological, to bring additional TV apps to its customers, including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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NOS is harnessing the previously integrated Metrological Application Platform (provided by the Comcast owned, TV applications solutions company, Metrological) on its UMA set-top box (STB) to bring an expanded roster of TV apps to its Pay TV video service. NOS is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal, as well as the country’s primary cable operator, serving 1.7 million households.

By using Metrological’s application platform, as well as its WPE (Web Platform for Embedded) browser and WPE cloud architecture, NOS already has a cloud-based TV app store with its TV service, and can choose from more than 300 pre-integrated TV apps. The platform allows for the easy integration of OTT services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, which NOS has now added, and which customers can access without leaving the main screen. It will also make more localised, niche app-based content available for customers, such as Euronews, Vimeo and Accuweather, all of which are new to  NOS’ set-top box.

Metrological believes its platform allows easy onboarding, optimisation and monetisation of OTT services and app content. The Rotterdam based company has previously worked with operators such as Liberty Global to facilitate high performance rendering of HTML5 apps, integrated UX and third-party services on STBs, with pre-integrated and pre-certified software code. The company believes its platform significantly reduces the launch time of new services.

João Ferreira, Director of NOS Innovation Services, said: “Since we first began working together, Metrological has enabled us to respond to our subscribers’ changing content needs. With its Application Platform, we are able to quickly and easily onboard apps across all devices, integrated directly into the award-winning user interface our subscribers know and love.”

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