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The state of converged TV in the UK

Calum Smeaton, CEO, TVSquared
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Today, “TV” is not just linear; it encompasses premium, professionally produced content across multiple screens and devices. This proliferation of options has transformed the industry, as viewers are now empowered to watch TV exactly how, when and where they want. As a result, advertisers, traditionally known for considering linear and digital as separate investments, are increasingly recognising the need to bring all forms of TV into one view.

This convergence of linear and streaming has put a spotlight on the limitations of legacy practices, especially as advertisers now need to be able to find and engage with audiences across platforms. They also expect more transparent, accurate and holistic measurement in order to make sure TV campaigns are as efficient and effective as possible.

To gain an industry-first look at the trends shaping the future of converged TV, TVSquared partnered with third-party research firms, Advertiser Perceptions and Dynata, to survey nearly 1,000 buyers in the UK, Germany, Australia and the U.S. The report—The State of Converged TV: A Look at Global Trends & Adoption—which also includes the results from analysing billions of converged TV ad impressions running through TVSquared’s ADvantage platform, reveals the challenges, barriers and opportunities aligned with converged TV and an advertising industry in the midst of transformation.

A shift in thinking 

Among UK buyers surveyed, 90% now define “TV” as both linear and streaming, while 89% also agree that all forms of TV should be sold on impressions, marking a seismic shift in industry thinking.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for a more flexible TV ecosystem to empower a greater majority of advertisers to manage all forms of TV holistically. For UK respondents, 94% recognise the need for TV to be more flexible and easier to transact across linear and streaming. More than 90% also say the ability to holistically manage linear and streaming campaigns is a top factor when investing in converged TV.

The importance of incremental reach 

With viewers dispersed across multiple platforms and screens, it’s become all the more vital for advertisers to ensure they’re reaching and connecting with audiences “where they are.” So, it’s not a surprise that having the ability to measure incremental reach of streaming beyond linear was a top priority for 93% of UK respondents. Among those already running converged TV campaigns, 40% are currently measuring it as a top KPI as well.

As part of the report, TVSquared also analysed 20 converged TV advertising campaigns and found that the average audience overlap of linear and streaming campaigns was about 30%. This indicated that 70% of audiences reached via streaming could not be reached via linear alone, further strengthening the importance of brands leveraging all forms of TV.

Reliable, transparent measurement across campaigns, combined with more transact-able currencies and the right set of metrics will be critical in powering converged TV and ensuring that marketers’ TV investments are successfully achieving reach and driving business outcomes.

For savvy advertisers looking to combine prestige content with reach and performance, the opportunities offered by converged TV are without equal.

To read more about these findings, and see more insights, download a copy of The State of Converged TV: A Look at Global Trends & Adoption.

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