Home Newswire Vewd and Vestel claim world first in revealing SaaS-based Operator TV

Vewd and Vestel claim world first in revealing SaaS-based Operator TV

Vewd, an OTT software solution provider, and European TV manufacturer Vestel, have teamed up to reveal the Vewd Operator TV, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Smart TV that promises to put Pay TV operators in the driving seat. The companies say that the Smart TV with built-in Pay TV UI is the first of its kind, and allows Pay TV operators to make significant CapEx savings on set-top-boxes, have greater control over user experience, and circumvent the challenge of app competition.

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Vewd, an OTT software solutions provider, and the European TV manufacturer Vestel, unveiled the Vewd Operator TV – a Smart TV alternative to set-top-boxes (STBs) for Pay TV operators. The Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) based device will allow Pay TV operators to roll out their own branded (or co-branded) Smart TVs, and, Vewd argues, cut back significantly on the CapEx costs associated with STBs while distributing development time and risk. While the Operator TV is manufactured in line with the specifications of Pay TV operators, customers who choose to unsubscribe will still have access to a standard Smart TV product.

Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Vewd comments: “Operators have tried different strategies to embrace Smart TV, but together with Vestel, we’ve made the first solution that seamlessly connects Pay TV and Smart TV.”

Vewd believes the solution represents a significant step forward for Pay TV operators seeking to extend their control over the Smart TV landscape, and that other approaches to replacing STBs are sub-optimal. If Pay TV operators choose to go the route of creating a TV app (accessible through Smart TV app stores) Vewd highlights the face stiff competition they face from competing services, as well as their reduced visibility. Additionally, the constant presence of other TV apps on screen could lead to increased subscriber churn.

Rajaram said, “Consumers are streaming more and connecting fewer devices to the TV. As a result, Operators are forced to fight for visibility among Smart TV apps. Vewd Operator TV ensures Operators of any size can seize control from the start and win the home’s most important screen.”

Another approach to cutting out STBs is to employ an OpApp (Operator Application) which can be embedded into the device, and allows Pay TV operators to take over the TV experience to create a customised, branded user interface. Vewd notes that this solution, while superior to a TV app approach, is not universalisable as the underlying HbbTV technology is not deployed in many countries, and in some cases, may not have all the features accessible through a dedicated STB.

In contrast, the Operator TV aims to circumvent the issues of app competition and HbbTV territorial limitations, while providing additional benefits to Pay TV operators and consumers. For one, if customers choose to unsubscribe from the Pay TV service, keeping them in the branded user interface means that there is a permanent reminder to re-subscribe. Vewd also highlights the increased revenues that operators with direct retail outlets could expect to accrue selling TVs in-shop, as well as the offers/bundling opportunities they can make available to customers.

In terms of functionality, Vewd provides broadcast and IP content security with the Operator TV, as well as customised operator UI and a cloud managed reference user experience. Available content includes premium OTT and video-on-demand, FAST channels and full support of broadcast channels.

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